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almost 3 years ago

Demo Day Presentations

Hi Everyone, 

We are so impressed with the submissions we want to see presentations from every team to the judges.  

Demo Day is Wed Nov 4th starting at 7pm UTC.  Each team has 4 minutes to present and a 4 minute Q&A session with the judges.

The order of the presenting teams will go as follows: 

1. Blockchain Auth
2. Agency
3. Flares
4. Affronda
5. Clawback Account
6. Quasar
7. API Kit
8. GoldenStarSwap
9. King of Cards
10. Sophon
11. Osmosis 
12. DeFiantCN
13. Sampark
14. Cosmos-did
15. Trustchain
16. Hall of Fame
17. ZKCosmos
18. NFT Marketplace
19. Bolide

I will be contacting the submitter for each team will their time slot and more instructions.  If you would like to watch the teams present, check out this link