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over 2 years ago

12 hours until submissions are due & judging week

Hi Hackers!

There are only 12 hours left before submissions are due Oct 30th @ 7pm UTC. Late submissions are not accepted so please make sure your submission is in before 7pm UTC.

Judging Week:

Nov 2nd: Voting for Community Choice award opens at 8pm UTC

Nov 2nd- 3rd: The judges will review the projects.  Scores will be tallied and the finalists will be asked to present a short presentation to the judges.  The number of finalists presenting depends on how many submissions are received. The finalists will be notified they are presenting by Nov 3rd, 5pm UTC through email. Because of this quick turnaround time, all teams should be prepared to present to the judges.

Nov 4th: Finalists present to the judges starting at 5pm UTC. The finalists teams will have 4 minutes for their presentation following with a 4 min Q&A from the judges.  

Nov 6th: Voting for Community Choice award ends at 8pm UTC.

Nov 9th: Winners will be annouced by 8pm UTC.

We are very excited to see all of your hard work!