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over 3 years ago

HackAtom V Launches Oct 16 @ 19:00 UTC

Hi Hackers, 


HackAtom V begins in less than 24 hours so strap in and get ready to enter the Cosmos.  HackAtom starts Oct 16 @ 19:00 UTC. Be sure to check out for more details. 


Looking for a team? Browse the Participants tab.


Want to discuss ideas with mentors? Have questions about the hackathon? Join the HackAtom V discord channel where mentors will be hanging out around the clock to answer any questions.


Subscribe to the HackAtom V calendar to find out workshops and mentors schedule. 


Good luck! We are excited to see the projects that come from this hackathon! 


Teams that want to continue to build on their project after the end of HackAtom V can apply to the Interchain Foundation (ICF) for funding (funding is not guaranteed and will need to go through the ICF grant funding process).